By Rosa Clará


With over 20 years in the fashion industry, allow us to introduce you to Rosa Clará, the global sensation, designer and inspiration behind Marfil, Couture Club and Aire Barcelona.

At Frox of Falkirk we love when a designer has different ranges under their belt so imagine our delight with the talented Spanish designer, Rosa Clará. Not one, not two but THREE separate ranges of the most gorgeous garments for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom as well as her wedding dress collection, she really is a force to be reckoned with. This leading Spanish designer knows just what us ladies are looking for and how to make us look fabulous and feel fabulous. From the most striking silhouettes to intricate and delicate bead work, these collection’s offer up so much style and choice, there is something for everyone.

So why not sit back, relax and let us take you through the 3 striking collections.


Rosa Clará was looking to have a modern and fashionable collection however, she was still looking to keep that slightly more formal feel to it, and this is what she has done with the Couture Club range. She emphasises the beauty of fabric with all the styles she has in the Couture Club with the fit and flair, dipped hemline dresses, fitted cocktail style dresses, long dresses and dresses with jackets. Rosa was looking to keep a slightly traditional feel for those of us who love this look yet the splashes of modern chic glamour can be seen throughout the range.

Couture Club is a collection for us ladies who are looking for slightly more coverage as all the garments have a certain degree of sleeve, jacket, knee length or below so if you are looking for comfort, elegance, slight coverage and style yet still giving us you a flattering fit, then you have found it with Couture Club!


This much sought-after label is very popular at Frox Of Falkirk as it gives us a ladies such variety. Marfil is a range of delight from the first dress to the last. With this collection, Rosa has gone for a more modern and shall we say daring style? This is a variety of exquisite Cocktail dresses, full length gowns and so much more and they are not only show stopping but sensual making you feel feminine and grabbing the attention you deserve. Marfil is all about offering up the modern twist for the Mother Of The Bride and Mother Of The Groom with on-trend styles for weddings and those other important occasions in your life.

There is certainly nothing frumpy or bland in THIS range. Although “Marfil” is Spanish for Ivory, there is nothing simple and plain to the collection, the colour pallet is so extensive, you would struggle to find a colour that Rosa hasn’t used in the Marfil collection and I think we would all agree that this is a collection set apart by its elegant lines and inspirational designs. Marfil is for the lady who chooses to be daring, for the lady looking to make a statement and to make an entrance that won’t be forgotten! The Marfil collection is for the lady seeking that elusive blend of elegance, allure and sophistication.


Aire Barcelona celebrates the contemporary woman by giving us sensual and stunning masterpieces. Rosa has offered up a collection for us ladies who want to stay true to our personal style with chic floor length gowns, sensational fitted dresses and a modern and sensual garments. Aire Barcelona is for us ladies that want it all. The comfort factor. The wow factor. The style factor. With intricate lace detailing, simple styles and flowing sensuality, its safe to say all the outfits exudes style.

Rosa has shown us that classic tailoring combined with Spanish flare can result in the most sensual and unique designs that set you apart from everyone else. This is a range for us ladies that are looking for superb quality, simple elegance and yet still making a dramatic entrance at the wedding or any other special occasion you want to wear it to as these dresses are suitable for many other events.

I am sure you will all agree that Rosa Clará has given us three equally different ranges and manages to cover every design aspect from the more traditional dress to the showstopping dress like no other, so if you are the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, family or friend, you are going to fall in love with the stylish Rosa Clará range’s and find the dress that will be perfect for your occasion!

Fashion can be evoking so let the Couture Club, Marfil Barcelona and the Aire Barcelona collection’s take you on a colourful and modernly stylish journey from Frox of Falkirk right to the wedding and ladies, fashion is our passion and were here to help you throughout the journey. Don’t have your size? Leave it to us. If we do not have that exact outfit, we will have so many more options available. We also have a huge selection of shoes, bags and accessories. Just turn up to Frox and let us do the rest!!!

If you are looking for something from Rosa Clará, lets be honest, who wouldn’t?! Then please just go to the outfits tab at the top of the page, select “special occasions” and browse our exquisite range of dresses to suit everyone or click on the link below.

FROXOMENDATION – Frox Recommendation

At Frox Of Falkirk, we know what matters and with over 75 years combined retail experience in helping people, we are here to find your perfect outfit and we have some Froxomendations for you below – dresses here at Frox Of Falkirk that we would recommend to give you an idea of the style Couture Club, Marfil Barcelona and Aire Barcelona have to offer.

Couture Club:

Something classically modern? Then outfit 152 – 4G153BRCOP24338 – Sensual, stunning and a flattering on

Marfil Barcelona:

Something showstopping: Then outfit 140 – 4U1B6 – Make a statement in this gorgeous dress  

Aire Barcelona:

Something simple yet stunning? Then outfit 168 – 3U203 – Stylish and modern with a hint of sensuality