By Ann Balon

With over 30 years as one of the leading UK occasion wear designers, allow us to introduce you to the Ann Bolon collection.

Making women feel elegant, confident and glamorous.

Ann Balon started her extensive and successful career as a jewellery designer however when she was on a trip to the picturesque Amalfi Coast, in Italy, she couldn’t help herself from falling in love with all it had to offer.

The finest Italian lace, the local cultures, the fresh Mediterranean food but most of all, the stunning appliqué work of the local garments with the intricate detailing and the vivacious and hypnotising colours of the region. This is where she had a vision! A vision of handcrafted appliqué work that would add a romantic air to an outfit. A vision of garments that enhance and compliment the figure of the woman she is dressing, and with that, Ann decided she was going to create her own fashion label and a set up a studio in the hills above Positano and from her Italian studio she calls her “labaratorio”, her creations are shipped to select boutiques around the world, including ourselves at Frox Of Falkirk

Ann and her team create designs again and again that has an ultimately timeless and classic look, each piece feels sensual, but never overpowering. An Ann Balon outfit isn’t dominated by the latest fashion and her main focus is on luxurious fabrics that are not only elegant but very flattering to the curve of the female body. Every outfit moves with such fluidity, it really does take your breath away and added to that, the subtly sparkling decorative appliqué details and the luxurious embroidery, not to mention the warm and inviting colours of the Mediterranean, can be seen and felt from the very first moment.

These absolutely beautiful, Italian inspired outfits, are for the Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom, or anyone looking to add a touch of sophisticated glamour to a special occasion. They are for the woman looking for eye-catching designs, for comfort to last all day, for the woman looking to enhance her figure. If all this is you then Ann Balon is the first step to finding the outfit of your dreams.

Enhancing the curvaceous confident fuller figure is something Ann is passionate about. You will find all skirts are fitted with discreet elasticated waistbands to allow comfort all day and night, the dresses are lined with lightweight underskirts and all of these stunning outfits come with jackets or full-length coats which not only adds to the elegant outfits, it gives us ladies a certain amount of coverage and confidence that we can dance the night away. This is a label that offers up so much versatility and is hugely successful from petite size to the beautifully curvaceous fuller figure.

Each and every piece made by the Ann Balon collection is cut by hand then assembled by expert seamstresses with the fine detailing work hand finished. The garments are then batch-dyed and stonewashed, which is where they use the traditional regional dyeing methods and pumice from Vesuvius. After the dyeing process is finished, each piece is quality controlled to perfection. From “Rosso”, a vibrant red to “Caraibi”, a sensual Caribbean blue, this collection has it all. As the sensual and delicate items are batch-dyed, there may be some colour variation between batches produced which makes the dress of your dreams a bit more unique. Just like you.


“My guiding light is to make my customers look and feel extra special on their special day when everyone is looking at and admiring them.” – Ann Balon


If all that wasn’t enough, Ann has spoiled us even more, as it’s clear to see she has versatility in mind when making the collections. Simply separate the outfits and team with another item from your wardrobe to make a variety of stunning and highly individual looks that are appropriate for any event.

Why not let us complete your outfit with the perfect headpiece. We have a large selection of headpieces so whether you want to snap up a full hat, stylish hatinator or if you would prefer something smaller, then a fascinator is for you, we have the lot! So book your appointment now, we are waiting to make your dreams come true.

If you are the Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom, family or friend you are going to fall in love with the stylish Ann Balon range and find the dress that will be perfect for your occasion!

Fashion can be energising, so let the Ann Balon collection take you on a colourful and modernly stylish journey all the way across the Mediterranean to Frox of Falkirk then right to the wedding, and ladies, fashion is our passion and we’re here to help you throughout the journey. Don’t have your size? Leave it to us, we will have it made to order for you. We also have a huge selection of shoes, bags and accessories. Just turn up to our shop and let us do the rest!!!

If you are looking for something from the Ann Balon range, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?! Then please just go to the outfits tab at the top of the page, select “special occasions” and browse our exquisite range of dresses to suit everyone or simply click on the link below.

FROXOMENDATION – Frox Recommendation

At Frox Of Falkirk, we know what matters and with over 75 years combined retail experience in helping people, we are here to find your perfect outfit and we have some Froxomendations for you below – dresses/outfits here at Frox Of Falkirk that we would recommend to give you an idea of the style Ann Balon have to offer.

Something fitted? Then outfit 258 – Antida – Sultry, stunning and a finished off with a gorgeous jacket

3 piece outfit? Then outfit 265 – Fortuna – Fitted with attached lace cape. Ideal all year round