Bringing the elegance, creativity and beauty from picturesque town of Salamanca in Spain, right to our door in Frox Of Falkirk.

Allow us to introduce you to the Fely Campo collection.

Fely Campo is a Spanish brand which is owned and founded by its talented designer Fely. The full spectacular range specialising in occasion wear and also bridal. As a designer, Fely achieves the upmost perfect balance between uniquely designed garments and a colour and design pallet that goes on forever. The sheer craft and personality can be seen throughout each and every piece made. Fely personally select all of the fabrics used and check’s every last detail before her clothes reach her clients. The mix of femininity, seriousness and designer elegance is apparent through each collection year after year offering us such a variety of dress shapes inspired by vintage, elegant designs and the designers own inspirations. It is easy to see these features certainly are reflected from the land where she grew up to be a woman, designer and inspiration in the fashion industry.

Fely Campo is an absolute perfectionist and a clear lover of the profession she was drawn too, and her fondness for beautiful fabrics, oriental designs and creating masterpieces is apparent and her designs are best known for their clean, simple lines and unusual silhouettes. Each stunning dress has a classic and modern feel so whatever your age, Fely Campo has something for everyone.

Fely Campo is a brand committed to quality and attention to detail. Their collection is developed and made by a dedicated team in their Spanish studios where each garment is customised perfectly but Fely and her team don’t stop there. Oh no! They do spoil us as and don’t we ladies love to be spoiled? So if you want to customise the designs in store – you can. All our Fely Campo outfits are available in a range of colours, fabrics and designs. You can mix and match amongst the different styles of dresses, jackets, sleeves and much more to make the look truly your own so if you love the dress but would like a 3/4 length sleeve then leave it to us. All custom order designs are made to order in approximately 6-12 weeks however this can vary so if you have a wedding date…..don’t wait!!! Get into Frox Of Falkirk to experience the sheer magic of the Fely Campo range, to experience the fantastically talented and gorgeous bunch of experienced lovely ladies working hard instore to get you the outfit you deserve and to get the custom dress you deserve.

Fely Campo have a very personal style which is a delight to us, elegant, comfortable, original and unique and that elegance is carried over into their stunning bridal range.

Each personally selected fabric is utter perfection and perfectly suited to the shape and needs of a modern woman and the modern Mother Of The Bride and Groom. Each and every year the Fely Campo collections are constantly evolving as is Fely herself and her elegant designs can also evoke that vintage inspiration we see returning to our dresses year after year.

This truly is a brand committed to quality and attention to detail and as their entire collection is developed and made by a dedicated team in their Spanish studios you will always be guaranteed to have a breath taking piece of continental fashion. Fely is an absolute perfectionist by nature and all her collections definitely reflect her unique personality and you can tell, just by their look that these pieces were designed and crafted with a spoonful of love, a dash of her fantastically creative mind and generous helping of her enthusiasm and passion for fashion.

If you are looking for something from the Fely Campo range, and we can fully understand why with all she has going on, then please just go to the outfits tab at the top of the page, select “special occasions” and browse our exquisite range of dresses to suit everyone. But don’t forget. You can customise this range so it is everything and more.

FROXOMENDATION – Frox Recommendation

At Frox Of Falkirk, we know what matters and with over 75 years combined retail experience in helping people, we are here to find your perfect outfit for you and we have some Froxomendations for you below – dresses/outfits here at Frox Of Falkirk, that we would recommend to give you an idea of the style Fely Campo have to offer.


Something fitted? Then outfit 13 – 16153 – stunning fitted dress and front fastening jacket

Something fit and flair? Then outfit 8 – 17128-v – the fit and flair, high-low, dipped hem in pink/white is eye catching on