Gill Harvey Outfits

British born designer Gill Harvey is a firm favourite here at Frox of Falkirk. Gill Harvey has had an extensive career in designing gorgeous dresses, having started with a bridal label. She then saw a gap in the market for something different for occasion wear, and the label Gill Harvey was born.

Gill Harvey dresses range from classic and elegant simple styles, to fully beaded and intricate lace dresses. This designer is now well known for producing gorgeous feather trimmed dresses which are well fitted to a woman’s body shape, and are very chic and on trend. Gill Harvey dresses have proven to be very popular amongst the women of Scotland and has really put her label on the map within the UK too.

If you are looking for a stunning vintage themed dress for your upcoming son or daughter’s wedding, then you may look no further than Gill Harvey. She designs stunning 1920’s vintage styled dresses with intricate bead work using beautiful crystals which creates a real show stopper look.

British born designer Gill Harvey Stockists in UK

With the outstanding craftsmanship used to create her outfits, they bring a real feminine charm, and at a reasonable price for such a high end label. The soft fabrics and lace overlay are really slimming, and make the most of a woman’s body shape. The attention to detail and finishing off the outfit to the highest of standards is of the utmost importance, and the designs always look just perfect.

Many designers focus on the shape, and leave the fabrics until after, but you can tell how much Gill Harvey loves and is inspired by fabrics. For a mother of the bride who is looking for something different, and wants to step away from the traditional mother of the bride or groom look for a wedding, then Gill Harvey is a great option.

Once you have chosen your perfect mother of the bride dress by Gill Harvey, we will match you the perfect headpiece, ensuring that the colour and style are just right for your outfit. We also have gorgeous shoes and matching bags in every tone to compliment your outfit, or we can have them dyed to the exact colour of your outfit. At Frox of Falkirk we have everything to give you the complete look for your big day as mother of the bride or groom, and our consultants are well trained and talented at matching the right accessories for each outfit and for each woman.

Gill Harvey dresses and outfits are not just for weddings. Many women have worn these to garden parties, evening events, days at the races and many more occasions. They really are beautiful and versatile dresses. This also gives you the opportunity to wear your dress again if this is what you are looking for.

From simple and elegant dress in a soft peach, to bold statement pieces with feather trim in a stunning bright turquoise, Gill Harvey make mother of the bride or groom dresses for every woman.