Irresistible Outfits

Irresistible are a British company who specialise in occasion wear, mother of the bride or groom outfits and dresses. Season after season, Irresistible prove themselves worthy of being one of the top and most sought after designers in the UK and beyond.

Irresistible are known for their young and sexy styling which is ideal for the younger generation of mothers of the bride and groom’s who are coming into stores in recent years. Fashion conscious women need look no further than Irresistible and their stunning designs.

Illusion neck lines in either a v, straight or a bateau shape have become synonymous with this designer. With intricate bead work or stunning lace appliqué each Irresistible dress and outfit has it’s own feminine charm. Using ruching and clever design dresses by Irresistible are great for women of all shape and sizes and are so flattering they show your silhouette in the best possible way.

Irresistible Outfit Stockists in the UK

Many of the Irresistible dresses have a ¾ length sleeve which is perfect for the modern woman who often want to look gorgeous, but like to have some degree of coverage. Irresistible in recent years have also expanded to include fit and flare and less fitted styles to their collection, offering the modern woman even more choice. Styles by Irresistible are priced well in comparison to other labels and with regards to the intricate lace and bead work on each item, and the beautiful fabrics that are used to create each individual style.

Irresistible each season hand pick one millinery company to work with to produce matching headpieces to each of their outfits. From smaller pillbox style fascinators to larger statement hats and hatinators. This means that for the outfit that you pick from Irresistible, you will have a headpiece that is of the exact right colour, and is of a style most suited to your outfit.

But it is not just knee length outfits that Irresistible design, they also make fabulous full length dresses and outfits. Whether you are a mother of the bride or groom, or perhaps renewing your own wedding vows, looking for a dress for a glamorous evening do, and many more occasions, Irresistible make the dress or outfit for you.