What Are the Duties of The Mother of the Bride?

When planning a wedding, many people will rely on their mother for aid and support. As such, the mother of the bride has an important role to play when celebrating her daughter’s wedding day, but what duties should the mother of the bride undertake leading up to the big day?

Some may not be sure, and not every mother of the bride will have the same duties, but those looking for some inspiration can make use of the following guide that outlines some of the more common roles the mother of the bride has in the lead-up and the big day itself.

Help with Research

It stands to reason that mothers want their daughters to have the best day possible, so they will often help to research different venues and themes.

Helping with the research helps your daughter free up more time and allows you to have some real quality time with your daughter doing something exciting together. However, it can be useful to have discussions as to what responsibilities your daughter wants you to undertake before making any plans.

Be Supportive

Although this will often be second nature, it’s a point worth reinforcing. Although many mothers can have good intentions, their advice can seem a little overwhelming to some, especially if they’re already stressed.

Being supportive allows you to voice your opinion, but also assures your daughter that regardless of the choice she makes, you behind her every step of the way.

Become the Middleman

Are your daughter and partner becoming a little overwhelmed in relation to making phone calls as they try to contend with catering and booking venues?

If a couple is trying to fit in work around the planning of a wedding, then it can all become a little too much. If you have the time, becoming the middleman between vendors and your daughter means that they don’t have to feel as stressed.

This simple task can free up more time for your daughter and her partner meaning that they can look forward to the wedding without being overwhelmed.

Help with the Guest List

The main role of compiling guest lists will be left to your daughter and her partner, but this doesn’t mean the mother of the bride doesn’t have a part to play.

Although it will be the final decision of the couple as to who is invited, you can help with providing addresses for invitations and evening shortening the guest list should it be needed.

Knowing who to invite and who should be left off can be emotional and stressful, but having impartial advice nearby can mean the guest list

Help Seek Out a Theme

Weddings nowadays can be unique or as conventional as the couple likes, so there’s certainly no reason as to why your daughter can’t enjoy every aspect of her big day. However, some themes can be more difficult to instil than others, so acting as guidance through the selection process can mean deciding is much easier.

The theme can also include what everyone will be wearing. This allows guests and yourself to choose an outfit that fits in with the theme of the day.

Those purchasing a new outfit for their daughter’s wedding can choose from a vast selection at Frox of Falkirk, who offer clothing designed exclusively for the mother of the bride.

Attend Pre-Wedding Events

In many instances, there’s not only the day itself to consider but also the events leading up to the wedding. This can include planning a wedding shower and carrying out rehearsals beforehand. When getting married these tasks can become a little overwhelming, so it’s always useful to have someone nearby that understands.

It can also help give more clarity as to what tasks need to be carried out before the wedding, and what deadlines are in place.

Be the Peacemaker

Nobody likes arguing, but emotions can rise high towards the big day, and it’s not uncommon for things to become out of hand. However, the voice of reason close by always helps reinforce the importance of making the event a happy day.

Becoming the peacekeeper ensures that your daughter is less stressed while reminding others of the importance of behaving in the right way. Incidents can occur but handled in the right way they can often be diffused quickly.

Carry out Some Research on Family Traditions and Heirlooms

Although it’s worth checking out what kind of themes your daughter wants for her big day, if she wants to include as much of the family history as possible, it can be important to carry out some research.

The research you carry out can help unearth some heirlooms and instil more of the family’s heritage into the wedding celebrations.

Prepare a Speech

When attending a wedding, it’s common for the best man to make a speech, but it’s also usual for other family members to make a speech as well. The mother of the bride speech is becoming commonplace at many weddings and can be the perfect way for mothers to remind their daughters how much they mean to them and welcome the new in-laws into the family.

These are some of the more common roles the mother of the bride can undertake when helping with the wedding but depending on the circumstance there could be some unique roles for you to undertake.

Remember, speaking to your daughter before making any plans ensures that no one is overlapping the duties, which ensures clarity is present throughout the initial planning phase as well as the arrangements on the day.