By Michaela Louisa

Picture the scene. Its 1992, London, The Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom industry was lacking one thing. A label that offers everything.

Allow us to introduce you to Michaela Louisa.

Michaela Louisa originated in London in 1992, and this brand is very well known in the Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom industry. This is a label offering some of the most beautiful dresses fit for everyone for many special occasions. Not just as Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom. These are fresh and feminine, making you feel exactly how you deserve to. “breathtaking”. Michaela Louise offers up something very special and close to our hearts here at Frox Of Falkirk. Sit back, relax and allow us to tell you just some of the great things about this range.

Bold and elegant colours or simplistic solid colours, stand alone dresses or dress and jacket, trouser suit or fit and flair, these are just a few things that spring to mind when we speak about this versatile and figure flattering collection. Each garment has such a delicate air of femininity and beauty which allows you to show off the natural curves you have. So whether you are tall, short, petite or curvaceously curvy with your gorgeous fuller figure, anything from the Michaela Louise range will show off your assets perfectly.

As the Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom you know how important this day is and the planning to make it perfect for everyone so allow us to tell you why you can stop your search as you have found everything you are looking for in this range. Michaela Louisa gives you a dress like no other, they flatter, they flow and they are fabulous.

These chic dresses have that certain“Je ne sais quoi” air to them. They are romantic, exceptional, eye catching, and not only are these the perfect Mother Of The Bride/Mother Of The Groom or any wedding guest. They are simply ideal as cruise wear, holiday wear and any other special occasion you are attending. This isn’t an outfit “just for the wedding” they can breath life into your wardrobe and have a life after the occasion.

Michaela Louisa knows what we women want. We want fabrics with a certain amount of stretch to them so we are comfortable day and night, they have that covered! We want outfits we can dress up or down depending on our personalities, they have that covered! Do we want to wear a dress? Not always. Sometimes we might want a jaw dropping trouser suit. Well what do you know? They have that covered too! We want a certain amount of coverage to keep us elegant, a length of dress we are comfortable with and guess what? They have that covered too!

We want to leave the old traditional “Mumsy” outfits in the past and move forward with something fashionable and current. Something versatile. Something sophisticated, and again, they have that covered! Most of all we want to fall in love with our chosen outfit and with Michaela Louisa, they have that covered too!

If you are the Mother of the Bride. Mother of the Groom. Family or friend you are going to fall in love with the stylish Michaela Louisa range and find the dress that will be perfect for your occasion!

Fashion can be thrilling. Let the Michaela Louise collection take you on a colourful and modernly stylish journey from Frox of Falkirk right to the wedding and ladies, fashion is our passion and were here to help you throughout the journey. Don’t have your size? Leave it to us, If we can’t source an alternative size then we will have something else equally as perfect for you to fall in love with. We also have a huge selection of shoes, bags and accessories. Just turn up to our shop and let us do the rest!!!

If you are looking for something from the Michaela Louise range, lets be honest, who wouldn’t?! Then please just go to the outfits tab at the top of the page, select “wedding guest wear” and browse our exquisite range of dresses to suit everyone or click on the link below.


FROXOMENDATION – Frox Recommendation

At Frox Of Falkirk, we know what matters and with over 75 years combined retail experience in helping people, we are here to find your perfect outfit and we have some Froxomendations for you below – dresses here at Frox Of Falkirk that we would recommend to give you an idea of the style Michaela Louisa have to offer.