By Polish Design Director Anna Jarmuszkiewicz
The Anoola Collection is for the modern woman who wants the best.

The entire Anoola collection has an underlying theme of the utmost femininity and sophisticated glamour which will make sure that you stand out by wearing these unique outfits.

We were not looking for a new label when we discovered the Anoola Collection, however as soon as we saw it, we knew we had to have it. From the simple breathtaking understated dresses, to the more extravagant, the Anoola Collection has it all! The designs and shapes are a reminder of the classic look, yet each garment has a modern and contemporary feel to them and better yet, currently Frox is the only stockist in Scotland.

The Anoola Collection, by design director Anna Jarmuszkiewicz, is like heaven for us ladies who simply want the best in quality, design, and fabrics. So if you are looking for something a little different, a twist on the classic outfit, then Anoola has the solution as they use only the best quality materials, the most subtle yet powerful designs and a choice in fabrics that spoil us no end, so its safe to say, this Polish designer, offers exceptional style and quality.

Anna, the outstandingly talented design director, believes women should feel comfortable but not let go of that glamour, she says “We aim to emphasise the natural beauty of our clients by offering very special designs that feel sensuous to the touch and allow the body to breath as nature intended. You will love wearing these special creations. The entire Anoola collection has an underlying theme of the utmost femininity and lady like glamour which will make sure that you stand out by wearing these unique outfits.”

It doesn’t matter whether you are the Mother Of The Bride, Mother Of The Groom or a wedding guest, it doesn’t even need to be a wedding, Frox of Falkirk, host some of the most stunning Anoola outfit’s made and we will have something to suit everyone. The entire Anoola collection has an understated beauty of the utmost femininity and luxurious glamour which will make sure that you feel like you are wearing the most unique and stunning outfit.

The mixture of soft sensual silks, wispy organza and wool, predominantly can be found in the Anoola collection, and we find these garments not only stimulate the senses but they also instil confidence in anyone wearing it. We are spoiled here at Frox as our collection of occasion wear is so vast, we simply wouldn’t be able to display our entire Anoola collection online, so the best thing to do is arrange an appointment and sample the delights for yourself and meet our talented team of style consultant’s, who will make it their mission to find you the perfect outfit to match the perfect day.

We believe every woman should look absolutely fantastic and feel comfortable and you should also be able to express yourself and your personal style. Anoola is for a modern woman that appreciates exceptional style and quality, and chooses to make a statement rather than blend into the crowd, it is for a woman that revels in sensuality and wants to not only look fabulous but wants to feel fabulous.

If all that hasn’t been enough then let us complete your outfit with the perfect headpiece. We have a large selection of headpieces so whether you want to snap up a full hat, stylish hatinator or if you would prefer something smaller, then a fasinator is for you, we have the lot! So book your appointment now, we are waiting to make your dreams come true.

So if you are the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, family or friend you are going to fall in love with the stylish Anoola range and find the dress that will be perfect for your occasion!

Fashion can be evoking so let the Anoola collection take you on a colourful and modernly stylish journey from Frox of Falkirk right to the wedding and ladies, fashion is our passion and were here to help you throughout the journey. Don’t have your size? Leave it to us, we will have it made to order for you. We also have a huge selection of shoes, bags and accessories. Just turn up to our shop and let us do the rest!!!

If you are looking for something from the Anoola range, lets be honest, who wouldn’t?! Then please just go to the outfits tab at the top of the page, select “special occasions” and browse our exquisite range of dresses to suit everyone.

FROXOMENDATION – Frox Recommendation

At Frox Of Falkirk, we know what matters and with over 75 years combined retail experience in helping people, we are here to find your perfect outfit and we have some Froxomendations for you below – dresses here at Frox Of Falkirk that we would recommend to give you an idea of the style Anoola have to offer.

Something classic? Then outfit 250 – 004107 – Sensual, stunning and a flattering on

Something fit and flair? Then outfit 232 – D227 – Flattering fit and flair and ideal all year round